Karin Collins Owner FIT4MOM Marin and Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre/Body Back Instructor

Kiddo: Liv (March 2012)

Welcome Mamas! I am very excited to bring FIT4MOM into your life. The day I went into labor with my daughter was the same day I bought the FIT4MOM Marin Franchise. My nesting had finally come to an end. A few months before, I had searched on Google for inspiration to start my own business. I wanted to own a business that would be supportive of motherhood, and one in which I could spend as much time with my daughter as possible. Fitness and running have always been a big part of my life and I was hoping to create a job where I could be outdoors and active. I had recently completed a yoga certification and attained a culinary degree at Living Light Culinary School as a Raw Vegan Chef and Nutritionist Educator. While searching Google, Stroller Strides popped up. I thought that the concept of working out while engaging your child was pure genius. I knew immediately that this was my calling and I couldn´t wait to create a community here in Marin County for moms and their families. So, without ever having tried a class, I bought the franchise! When my daughter Liv was 3 months old I started our playgroup, and when she was 6 months old we held our grand opening in San Rafael. A month later, I had a second grand opening in Mill Valley for FIT4BABY and Stroller Strides. After a few months of teaching eight classes a week by myself I was able to hire my first instructor. In 2014, we had our third grand opening in San Anselmo, at which point we also added Stroller Barre and Body Back to our schedule.

Today, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without my FIT4MOM mamas and their families. My husband Ron, Liv, and I have made so many incredible friends and we have received so much support. When I broke my ankle I had families volunteering to deliver meals for me for a whole month. They took me grocery shopping and even picked me up so that I could come to our classes! Their generosity of spirit goes to show that FIT4MOM is much more than just a workout; we are a community who remain dedicated to each other, through all of life’s joys as well as its hardships. I am extremely proud of FIT4MOM Marin. We are the sisterhood in motherhood that ALL moms need. And now, we have an awesome FIT4MOM Marin team helping to reach more women. Our village has blossomed into one big family. I know that I am very fortunate to have a dream job that allows me to include my family in everything FIT4MOM has to offer, from playgroups to mom’s and parent’s night out, family events, holiday parties and more. I am honored to be helping moms on their of journey to health and fitness. My passion and purpose is my family and to help moms gain "strength for motherhood, at any stage of motherhood".


Karen McMillin Stroller Strides/Body Back Instructor and Administrative Membership Manager

Kiddos: Liam (November 2011) and Molly (May 2013)

Hi Strong Mamas! I am the mom to 2 amazing kids and I love FIT4MOM and everything it has brought to my life!
I have participated in some type of physical fitness, my entire life. So when I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to have a healthy active pregnancy. I was able to run, hike and do daily power yoga classes throughout my pregnancy. Having a newborn provided some challenges, but with my first baby (Liam), I was still able to attend the classes I loved prior to becoming a mom. 18 months after having Liam, Molly was born and EVERYTHING changed!

Molly would not tolerate being with anyone but me! I tried several gyms with childcare, only to be called out 10 minutes into class. I knew I had to find something that worked for us all, and after a little research, I discovered FIT4MOM. I am so thankful everyday that I did!
Suddenly, I was able to work out with 2 small kids and no one judged me if they were yelling, crying, shrieking, etc! The workouts were amazing and best of all, I was setting a great example for my kids! They could see that exercise is important and Mommy's health is a priority! But Fit4Mom is so much more than the workout! It's a community of moms that "get it", and are there for one another through this crazy, amazing journey of motherhood!

I became a Stroller Strides instructor in January of 2014 and a Body Back instructor in March 2014. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life! I love being able to welcome new moms into this fantastic tribe of strong women and let them know they aren't alone. And I LOVE helping moms gain the “strength for motherhood”!


Liz Dietrich, Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Instructor and Marketing Coordinator

Kiddo: Maggie (July 2013)

NOTHING can prepare you for parenthood! It’s so unbelievably challenging and exhausting!! By the time my daughter, Maggie, was 12 months I was completely overwhelmed! Parenthood truly seemed to be “all of the joy, none of the fun.” But then I took my first Stroller Strides class and I was running through a park with a stroller, singing silly songs and laughing with other mommies! It was SO MUCH FUN!! Eventually my daughter, Maggie, got use to our new class routine and she was having tons of fun! My husband joined us on family Sundays and he was having fun! Stroller Strides brought us “all of the joy, and tons of the fun!!”

1 year later I became an instructor and I’m still having fun. I am forever grateful to Karin and the FIT4MOM Village. The workout, itself is quite challenging and I’m lighter and more toned than I’ve ever been. The songs and activities during class provide a very entertaining hour for the kiddos and Maggie has made lots of friends. I have found wonderful friends myself who have provided such amazing support through the motherhood journey. It takes a village couldn’t be more true. Actually, it takes a FIT4MOM Village! And that is the true magic of this program….. Whether it's Body Back, Stroller Strides or FIT4BABY, you’ll find your village of mommy friends and their families which is crucial to surviving the journey of parenthood!


Erin Allen Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre Instructor

Kiddos: Claire (March 2010) and Elise (October 2011)

I started my FIT4MOM journey in the spring of 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. I had recently left my friends and support network of 11 years in Baltimore and was doing it all, working full time as a Speech-Language Pathologist and taking care of two little ones while my hubby finished his cardiac surgery training. Needless to say working out was the last thing on my mind! Then I met a friend who said, “you need to try Saturday Stroller Strides because they are a great group of ladies.” I went to my first class and was instantly addicted to the workout and vibe at the class. I went every Saturday and was amazed how suddenly I loved exercise (previously I only ran when being chased). I then begged the owner to start an evening Wednesday class and I was officially hooked!

Then it was time to leave Philadelphia and we were headed back home to California. I immediately went online and looked for the closest Fit4Mom franchise to San Francisco where we would live the first year while we house hunted in Marin. We arrived in California and I started commuting over the Golden Gate to attend Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes in Mill Valley. I loved that I immediately felt at home with the group of women that I had just met. Unfortunately, the commute was taking its toll and I had to stop coming to class but I knew that I would be back.

In the summer of 2015 we bought our house and moved to Mill Valley and I immediately came back to class. I loved seeing the familiar faces from a year ago and meet new people in my new hometown. I was the mom that came to class with an empty stroller as both of my kiddos are in school. I loved the workout and the community that I felt I didn’t get at the kid free studios. After a few months an opportunity to teach came up and I grabbed it getting certified in Stroller Strides, FIT4BABY, and Stroller Barre in January 2016. Now instead of teaching in a classroom or therapy room, I get to teach outdoors.

For the first time in my life I feel healthy and happy and that is my “why!” I want to be an example for my daughters by showing that exercise is important and being strong is the best kind of beautiful. I love seeing the excitement in my daughters’ faces when I tell them I am teaching on a Sunday when they get to come and cheer me on. I am forever grateful for being part of the FIT4MOM village!


Joanna Plocki Business Partnership Manager

Kiddo: Chloe (December, 2012)

Hello! I am a mother to an adventurous, spunky, sweet daughter named Chloe. Yet, however sweet, she definitely keeps me on my toes. :)

When Chloe was nine months old, I finally discovered FIT4MOM. We had attended other workout establishments which offered daycare, but none had worked for us. From our first class at FIT4MOM, I knew I had found our workout; what I did not know was that we had found our home (a place where we would be finding ourselves most mornings three years later). I was longing for exercise classes where I could bring Chloe, but what I did not realize was that I was longing for friendships from other mothers. I had never joined a mother’s group, and FIT4MOM quickly became the place where I could talk about my child’s milestones and my fears as a mother, but, mostly, it became a place where friendships were formed, friendships that I think are incomparable. I definitely did not see that perk coming.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter; yet I realize that time is limited, and we must both forge on: Chloe with school and I with a career. When the opportunity arose to become part of the FIT4MOM Marin team, I knew it was the right next step for me. Continuing the growth of FIT4MOM for many moms to come is something that I hope to provide as Business Partner Manager. There are many businesses, similar to FIT4MOM, that promote positive, health-minded practices, which I can’t wait to introduce to our moms.

Every mother deserves such an amazing, nurturing environment!


Sharon Lehm, Playgroup Coordinator

Kiddos: Maverick (June, 2013 ) and Fiona (March, 2016)

I began taking Fit4Baby classes with Karin in 2013 when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. Instantly I fell in love with Karin's bright and cheery outlook on motherhood and life. I knew I couldn't wait to join in on the stroller stride classes once my son Maverick was born. Stroller Strides quickly became part of my daily routine and I've never looked back. During my second pregnancy with my daughter Fiona the classes kept me mentally stable and motivated to stay fit. Exercise has always been a passion of mine and I feel so lucky to now be able to combine motherhood alongside it. I am so very grateful that FIT4MOM has made me become a more well rounded mother and a happier one as well! Join me every Thursday after class at the Civic Center Lagoon Park in San Rafael for free fun playgroup activities!


Bronwen Hult Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides Instructor

Kiddos: Denali (March 2012), McKinley (November 2013) and Bryce (July 2015)

I started my FIT4MOM journey back in November of 2012 when Denali was about 7 months old. Like many new moms, I struggled to find my way in this new and daunting journey. I was still working part time as a Kindergarten teacher in San Francisco. I didn’t know any moms in Marin and all my friends were still playing footloose and fancy free in the city. I felt completely alone and my days stretched out into infinity. I loved that baby so much but it WAS SO HARD! Then I felt guilty for missing my old life and I found myself in a fight with the baby blues.

But once I started FIT4MOM, everything changed. I met other moms going through the same problems and moms who shared the same feelings. I found a safe place where I could get a great workout, talk about my feelings and not feel bad for my child because he was entertained and making friends as well! My husband Justin started coming to Sunday Family workout days and wasn’t embarrassed to admit that our workouts are very challenging. He has also benefitted from getting connected to the other dads in our FIT4MOM community. I bring my in- laws to our workouts when they come to visit and love the inclusive and inviting nature of FIT4MOM. I also enjoy taking off my mommy hat and going to Mom’s Night Out whether it’s dinner and drinks or a movie or doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

My FIT4MOM Village has supported me through every up and down over the past few years. They celebrated with me when I found out I was pregnant with McKinley and Bryce. They cheered me on as I worked out till the very end of both pregnancies. They showed up with food, love and support after my babies were born. They’ve hugged me and comforted me when I was hitting my “mommy wall”. I was in my last trimester when Denali broke his femur. Immediately they showed up with hugs, food and toys to keep him entertained and me sane. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

After Bryce, my third and final baby turned six months, I decided to get serious about losing my baby weight. The encouragement I received from the FIT4MOM community was so positive, powerful and encouraging. It kept me focused and after about six months I had lost five dress sizes and forty pounds. I’m happy to say I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I truly don’t think I could have gotten to this place without their love and support. I’m proud that my children are watching their strong mommy and that exercise and the love of the outdoors are regular parts of their childhood. My two year old loves to demonstrate lunges and planks!
It’s an amazing group of women and I’m so honored and lucky to be a part of it. It’s been a blessing for our whole family. If I can inspire, support and encourage other moms the way I’ve been touched, I am truly making the world a better place.

Mikelle Miles Mooney Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides Intstructor

Kiddo: Elle (October, 2015)

I discovered FIT4MOM when my child, Elle was 3 months old. It was around this time that the walls of my little home started to close in on me, as being a stay at home mom was an experience that I never thought I’d have. Before Elle came along, I worked as a therapist with both adults and children in a variety of mental health capacities. Being active has always been important to me, both in my practice as a therapist and in my personal life, as exercise is known to enhance mental well being. After having a baby, I began feeling the toll that being less active was having on my own sanity. In my “pre-child” days I found different ways to stay active; mostly through running in organized races, trail and mud runs. As much as I enjoyed those things before pregnancy, after Elle came along, I realized how very much I disliked running with a stroller! Thus began my research.

I found FIT4MOM randomly while doing a google search and was thrilled. I loved that it was a community of mom’s who I knew I would learn from, who would support me, and most importantly (for me) a safe place to bring my precious, demanding, little human. During my very first class, instructor Karen McMillin said, “If your baby cries, it is completely okay, no one will hear it but you.” With those words I was totally in, and the workout hadn’t even begun yet! I can honestly say Stroller Strides saved me from myself. For one hour a day, I am surrounded by people that “get it” as well as doing the best thing that I can do for my mind and body. I was able to complete the instructor training for Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby in Sept 2016. I am so excited to be taking this next step in becoming an instructor and hope that I can provide for someone else the positivity that was given to me through the classes provided by FIT4MOM.
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