Bronwen Hult

Bronwen Hult Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides Instructor

Kiddos: Denali (March 2012), McKinley (November 2013) and Bryce (July 2015)

I started my FIT4MOM journey back in November of 2012 when Denali was about 7 months old. Like many new moms, I struggled to find my way in this new and daunting journey. I was still working part time as a Kindergarten teacher in San Francisco. I didn’t know any moms in Marin and all my friends were still playing footloose and fancy free in the city. I felt completely alone and my days stretched out into infinity. I loved that baby so much but it WAS SO HARD! Then I felt guilty for missing my old life and I found myself in a fight with the baby blues.

But once I started FIT4MOM, everything changed. I met other moms going through the same problems and moms who shared the same feelings. I found a safe place where I could get a great workout, talk about my feelings and not feel bad for my child because he was entertained and making friends as well! My husband Justin started coming to Sunday Family workout days and wasn’t embarrassed to admit that our workouts are very challenging. He has also benefitted from getting connected to the other dads in our FIT4MOM community. I bring my in- laws to our workouts when they come to visit and love the inclusive and inviting nature of FIT4MOM. I also enjoy taking off my mommy hat and going to Mom’s Night Out whether it’s dinner and drinks or a movie or doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

My FIT4MOM Village has supported me through every up and down over the past few years. They celebrated with me when I found out I was pregnant with McKinley and Bryce. They cheered me on as I worked out till the very end of both pregnancies. They showed up with food, love and support after my babies were born. They’ve hugged me and comforted me when I was hitting my “mommy wall”. I was in my last trimester when Denali broke his femur. Immediately they showed up with hugs, food and toys to keep him entertained and me sane. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

After Bryce, my third and final baby turned six months, I decided to get serious about losing my baby weight. The encouragement I received from the FIT4MOM community was so positive, powerful and encouraging. It kept me focused and after about six months I had lost five dress sizes and forty pounds. I’m happy to say I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I truly don’t think I could have gotten to this place without their love and support. I’m proud that my children are watching their strong mommy and that exercise and the love of the outdoors are regular parts of their childhood. My two year old loves to demonstrate lunges and planks!
It’s an amazing group of women and I’m so honored and lucky to be a part of it. It’s been a blessing for our whole family. If I can inspire, support and encourage other moms the way I’ve been touched, I am truly making the world a better place.
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