Joanna Plocki

Joanna Plocki Business Partnership Manager

Kiddo: Chloe (December, 2012)

Hello! I am a mother to an adventurous, spunky, sweet daughter named Chloe. Yet, however sweet, she definitely keeps me on my toes. :)

When Chloe was nine months old, I finally discovered FIT4MOM. We had attended other workout establishments which offered daycare, but none had worked for us. From our first class at FIT4MOM, I knew I had found our workout; what I did not know was that we had found our home (a place where we would be finding ourselves most mornings three years later). I was longing for exercise classes where I could bring Chloe, but what I did not realize was that I was longing for friendships from other mothers. I had never joined a mother’s group, and FIT4MOM quickly became the place where I could talk about my child’s milestones and my fears as a mother, but, mostly, it became a place where friendships were formed, friendships that I think are incomparable. I definitely did not see that perk coming.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter; yet I realize that time is limited, and we must both forge on: Chloe with school and I with a career. When the opportunity arose to become part of the FIT4MOM Marin team, I knew it was the right next step for me. Continuing the growth of FIT4MOM for many moms to come is something that I hope to provide as Business Partner Manager. There are many businesses, similar to FIT4MOM, that promote positive, health-minded practices, which I can’t wait to introduce to our moms.

Every mother deserves such an amazing, nurturing environment!

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