Kim Guigley

Kim Guigley, Stroller Strides/Body Back Instructor and Administrative and Communications Manager

Kiddos: Brynn (February 2010) and Emerson (January 2012)

Hi Mamas! I am the proud mama of my sweet girl, Brynn and my wild little guy, Emerson and I LOVE FIT4MOM!

I started with FIT4BABY in July 2009 when I had just moved to Northern Virginia from Boston, MA for my husband's job. I had left all my friends and a fantastic career at Harvard Business School behind, knew no one in the area, my husband was going to be traveling all the time, and I found out I was pregnant just a week after the move. So much at once! I knew I needed to join a gym to stay fit, meet people and be happy and that is where I luckily found FIT4BABY. I loved my FIT4BABY classes right up until Brynn was born and then she and I slid into Stroller Strides when she was six weeks old (and I was SUPER nervous with her in the stroller that first class!). FIT4MOM has defined our lives ever since.

When we moved to San Rafael in January 2013, again for the hub's career, the #1 requirement of our new neighborhood was nearby Stroller Strides classes - truly! FIT4MOM has filled *our* lives all these years not only with health and fitness, I am healthier now than ever, but also with true friendships and the utmost support. Nearly all of our friendships in both Northern Virginia and San Rafael have started through FIT4MOM. These two groups of amazing families have provided years of love, laughter and sanity. I don't think we could have survived my PPD with Brynn, or my many (so many) months of sleepless nights with Emerson, "firsts" of anything, or a bicoastal move without the help, guidance and love of these women. But perhaps the most wonderful thing about it all is that my kids only see fitness as a normal part of each day that's something fun you enjoy in a park with your family and friends! How wonderful is that?!

So... when the thought of both kids being in school a few days a week in 2015-2016 entered my mind, I realized our time with FIT4MOM was going to decrease significantly. I just could not leave my crew, my purpose, my THING! That is when I decided to get certified to teach, and in February 2015 I became a very proud FIT4BABY, Stroller Strides and Body Back Instructor! I absolutely love sharing FIT4MOM with other mamas, especially with the newer ones who desperately need to get out of the house and ask questions like "How do I get my baby to sleep?!" or "Does anyone else need to wear three sports bras for this?!" without judgment. And, of course, I also do it for the more veteran mama who just simply needs a safe place to completely crumble at class one day because her first baby just started Kindergarten that morning (yeah, that was me one day at class in August 2015 - I completely lost it during the warm up question!). I love that FIT4MOM is a safe place that offers friendly smiles, no judgment and endorphins to get us through motherhood.

We all need to know we are not alone on this wild journey of motherhood. We've laughed together, cried together and sweated together. It's the best community I could ever imagine and I am beyond thrilled and proud to be a part of it! I think EVERY new mom should be a part of FIT4MOM. Every. Single. One. It's fitness, friendships, fun and pure survival.

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