Mikelle Mooney

Mikelle Miles Mooney Fit4Baby/Stroller Strides Intstructor

Kiddo: Elle (October, 2015)

I discovered FIT4MOM when my child, Elle was 3 months old. It was around this time that the walls of my little home started to close in on me, as being a stay at home mom was an experience that I never thought I’d have. Before Elle came along, I worked as a therapist with both adults and children in a variety of mental health capacities. Being active has always been important to me, both in my practice as a therapist and in my personal life, as exercise is known to enhance mental well being. After having a baby, I began feeling the toll that being less active was having on my own sanity. In my “pre-child” days I found different ways to stay active; mostly through running in organized races, trail and mud runs. As much as I enjoyed those things before pregnancy, after Elle came along, I realized how very much I disliked running with a stroller! Thus began my research.

I found FIT4MOM randomly while doing a google search and was thrilled. I loved that it was a community of mom’s who I knew I would learn from, who would support me, and most importantly (for me) a safe place to bring my precious, demanding, little human. During my very first class, instructor Karen McMillin said, “If your baby cries, it is completely okay, no one will hear it but you.” With those words I was totally in, and the workout hadn’t even begun yet! I can honestly say Stroller Strides saved me from myself. For one hour a day, I am surrounded by people that “get it” as well as doing the best thing that I can do for my mind and body. I was able to complete the instructor training for Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby in Sept 2016. I am so excited to be taking this next step in becoming an instructor and hope that I can provide for someone else the positivity that was given to me through the classes provided by FIT4MOM.

Friday – September 29, 2017

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