Body Back Transformation Session

Body Back Transformation is an 8-week result based journey. You will focus on your mind and body and improving your overall well being. The experience includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts designed to challenge, empower and recharge you. The program also includes nutrition guidance, supplemental online workouts, accountability, pre and post fitness assessments and support. This journey will reconnect you to your inner strength and encourage you to believe in personal transformation. This is your chance to reconnect and recharge your body and mind!
2 HIIT Workouts per week in a small group format (moms only, no kiddos please!)
Family friendly recipes provided and weekly meal planning support
At home workouts and challenges
Before & after fitness assessments and measurements
Online coaching and support

We have three Body Back Sessions beginning in March 2019. Click here for more information:

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.