I feel so fortunate to have found BodyBack »

Katy Hanagan

Since my daughter was born almost 2 years ago, I have been desperately searching for a way to get back in shape, but always felt a bit trapped by my schedule as a stay at home mom and wife. After hearing about this program from a friend, I believed that this was the perfect fit for me because it was a group of moms just like me. The exercise and diet program offers what I truly and desperately needed- support, encouragement and accountability. I am not the kind of person who can walk into a gym and kill it for an hour, there were always chores or responsibilities nagging me to be elsewhere.

With BodyBack, you are surrounded by other inspiring women who all have their own stories, and I was so encouraged to go through this experience with other moms just like me. Tara, our fearless instructor, is the absolute best. She is your cheerleader when you need pumping up and she pushes you to keep going when all you want to do is stop. Tara has done the impossible and made me like working out and I no longer dread exercising! I can see the results of the intense workouts,...


***Making Community Count: Fit4Baby with Fit4Mom Review*** »

Merris Delane - Director Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Southern Marin Mom's Club

Having had limited my exercise to a gentle prenatal yoga class and the occasional walk with my first pregnancy, I was discouraged to learn that I had a long way to go to return to my usual fitness level post partum. So when my second pregnancy rolled around, I was determined to prevent this from happening again. Adding Karin Collins' Fit4Baby class to my yoga and walking routine, allowed me to maintain my cardiovascular abilities and muscle tone, keep my weight gain to a minimum, stay strong and feel good about myself while working out in a safe manner throughout my pregnancy. In fact, I was able to take the class until my 37th week of pregnancy thanks to Karin's ability to tailor the moves to each of our capabilities! There are several things that make Fit4mom's Fit4Baby classes worth taking:

-Karin is an amazing, compassionate teacher who is a fellow mom. She has the unique ability to allow the class to have a social and fun vibe while not allowing you to slack.

-Fantastic class to take before AND after birth as I now do.

-You meet other fun moms



Can't get enough of Fit4Mom classes! »

Kimberly Green Guigley

I can't get enough of the Fit4Mom classes! This program has been my only form of exercise since I became pregnant with my first baby, nearly five years ago. I started with Fit4Baby then moved right into Stroller Strides when my baby was six weeks old, and am still enjoying Stroller Strides, and now Stroller Barre, at least four days a week. It is the only way to exercise - no germs at the gym, such a great example to exercise in front of your kids, fresh air every day and a wonderful group of like-minded moms, supporting you throughout not only the work out but also throughout life with kids (such an important piece for your sanity as a mom). I LOVE this form of exercise - and the camaraderie that goes along with it - and would do it no other way. I cannot recommend this program enough!!


Win win for the whole family! »

Rob Guigley

I really enjoy doing Stroller Strides on Sundays with my family. The workout is definitely challenging and hits muscles that I don't get to when biking, hiking or running, so it is worth the hour on a weekend morning. Plus, it makes my wife happy that I come to class once a week and get to experience "her" workout. A win-win for all of us.


Karin goes above & beyond for her classes »

Bronwen Hult

Karin goes above & beyond for her classes! She is so enthusiastic & encouraging to students of all levels. She is fabulous with the kids & always jumping in to help a mom with a "difficult" baby. She also plans and hosts constant events after class for the kids & in the evening for the moms. My husband even commented that it seems like such a fun, well run organization!

Karin always has an upbeat attitude. She keeps updating the workouts to bring variety into the workouts. She's enthusiastic, caring about our health as well as our kids. She is generous and always willing to go the extra mile. Can't say enough good things about her!!!!


Fitness, friends, fun and a play date all in one. »

Ken Husband

Fitness, friends, fun and a play date all in one. We love stroller strides!


Wonderful Group! »

Bridgett DuChane

Karin leads an amazing group of mothers who support each other physically & mentally between the exercising that we do together and the positive socialization opportunities for our kids at every session! Very welcoming and fun group to become a part of!


Thank you! »

Tiffany Deering

I've really enjoy going to stroller strides and feel really happy to be part of this group of people. As a leader Karin really set the tone of the company & she is doing an amazing job. Karin should be really proud of what she's created! I felt so welcome upon joining & it just keeps on getting better. Not to mention the great workouts & results I've already seen!


Karin is a great instructor »

Ashley Smith

Karin is amazing! Fun and knowledgeable yet tough. Always a great workout. Thank you!


Body Back has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life »

Lisa Harbinson

Body Back, with the exception of being a Mom, has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. Unlike your typical boot camp class, Body Back promotes both emotional and physical growth. I felt supported and challenged by the instructor, Tara and by the fabulous group of moms that I have been fortunate to get to know. I highly recommend the class to any mom that not only wants to get her "body back" but also wants to feel like a strong, confident and beautiful woman.

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