Can't get enough of Fit4Mom classes!

Kimberly Green Guigley

I can't get enough of the Fit4Mom classes! This program has been my only form of exercise since I became pregnant with my first baby, nearly five years ago. I started with Fit4Baby then moved right into Stroller Strides when my baby was six weeks old, and am still enjoying Stroller Strides, and now Stroller Barre, at least four days a week. It is the only way to exercise - no germs at the gym, such a great example to exercise in front of your kids, fresh air every day and a wonderful group of like-minded moms, supporting you throughout not only the work out but also throughout life with kids (such an important piece for your sanity as a mom). I LOVE this form of exercise - and the camaraderie that goes along with it - and would do it no other way. I cannot recommend this program enough!!

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