***Making Community Count: Fit4Baby with Fit4Mom Review***

Merris Delane - Director Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Southern Marin Mom's Club

Having had limited my exercise to a gentle prenatal yoga class and the occasional walk with my first pregnancy, I was discouraged to learn that I had a long way to go to return to my usual fitness level post partum. So when my second pregnancy rolled around, I was determined to prevent this from happening again. Adding Karin Collins' Fit4Baby class to my yoga and walking routine, allowed me to maintain my cardiovascular abilities and muscle tone, keep my weight gain to a minimum, stay strong and feel good about myself while working out in a safe manner throughout my pregnancy. In fact, I was able to take the class until my 37th week of pregnancy thanks to Karin's ability to tailor the moves to each of our capabilities! There are several things that make Fit4mom's Fit4Baby classes worth taking:

-Karin is an amazing, compassionate teacher who is a fellow mom. She has the unique ability to allow the class to have a social and fun vibe while not allowing you to slack.

-Fantastic class to take before AND after birth as I now do.

-You meet other fun moms

The first class is free so feel free to give it a shot! Oh and don't forget that Fit4Mom is a Community Counts partner so class passes are offered to SMMC moms at a 20% discount!

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