This Girl Can

I couldn't help but hear a "Hell Yeah" call out from deep inside my being after watching this video. I don't know of any woman, myself included, who does not question her own looks, critique her own body, and compare herself to every other woman she knows.

For me, the one place I've been able to shake this is at the gym or on the field, on a yoga mat or at Fit4Mom's Body Back classes. While I may not be as toned, sculpted, svelte, or slim as the other women who are sweating it out next to me, here I am reminded how very strong I am. I can see the muscles and also make peace with the flab. Body Back reminds me that it's not just about losing weight but about gaining strength inside and out-affirming who we are as unique, beautiful women, all on our own journey.

While I'm sweating like a pig, I am reminded that, at least in this moment, I am choosing to use my body in a healthy way. While I may have a far way to go to reach my fitness goals, here I am reminded that for as hard as it is, I keep trying. Body Back encourages me to go for my own personal best. While society would have us believe there is one single definition of beauty, here I am reminded that we come in all shapes and sizes.

Body Back allows me to be me-no comparisons. Instead, it reminds me that we are all in this together, as women and moms supporting one another on our journey. Here is where I let it all hang out because the fact is, this is it, this is me. And this girl can sweat!