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What is Strength for Motherhood?

The purpose of Fit4Mom programs is to give women the "Strength for Motherhood". I hear this all the time, but never really thought about what that means on a daily basis. Over the past week, however, I had two experiences which made me realize what an invaluable thing this particular strength is!

As a Stroller Strides and Body Back instructor, I know we train our moms to work out on all 3 planes of motion. To put it simply, this means rather than just doing one move (squat) we'll often add moves that force us to move in multiple directions at the same time. We'll squat, step back to a lunge, and add a forward raise with our arms. We do this because it helps us train for what we do everyday. We lift babies, wrestle toddlers into clothes, bend down to pick up discarded toys, etc. working several muscle groups at the same time.

When our babies are little, Strength for Motherhood means being able to carry a heavy baby in a car seat up a flight of stairs, swaying a crying baby for hours to calm them, ect. Classes also provide emotional strength, providing an outlet for stress and conversation with other moms that understand what you are going through.

As my kids get older, I've found my level of fitness needs to grow with them. At 2.5 and almost 4, they have endless amounts of energy! They want me to run, climb and dance with them. It can be exhausting! But as they grow, they also do much more on their own...

On Monday, I was talking to a mom after Stroller Strides while my kids were playing under a tree. By the time I went to check, my 4 year old was 15 feet up the tree. When I told him to come down, he couldn't find the branch with his feet and was suddenly hanging from the branch and calling for help. We were both terrified! But, I was up that tree faster than I would have imagined possible and managed to get us both safely to the ground! Thank you military presses for my arm strength, and squats / lunges for powerful legs and speed!

Later that week, my kids we scooting on the bike path in Corte Madera. They are so fast that I can't keep up by walking. I have to jog simply to keep them in sight! We were having a great time and the kids were about 50-75 yards ahead of me. I suddenly realized that my 2.5 year old was approaching a slight hill that leads to an intersection with the road. She is not great at braking, so I sprinted, with my stroller and quickly got ahead of her and stopped her before she went down the hill into the street. All that running with my Stroller sure paid off!

I am so thankful that my Fit4mom workouts have given me the Strength for Motherhood! I definitely need it!