When life gives you lemons, juice 'em

It seems the theme of my life since my son was born two and a half years ago is adaption. Aside from enduring an emergency c-section and medical complications at the time of his birth, I spent the next year completely sleep deprived from nursing round the clock. I nursed a total of two years but my son finally slept through the night after the first year, allowing me a block of sleep at a time. Life did not let up as our family faced major changes, moved out of the country, and back, also during this time. I'd like to say that life has finally settled down and I can enjoy being 'bored' by routine...but that's not exactly the case. So I've had the choice of either eating my way in to emotional oblivion, or, making the best of what I can with the limited resources of time, money, childcare, and plain old, energy that I may have, and find ways to adapt to my circumstance. I believe this is one of the reasons I was so drawn to Body Back. I was desperately seeking a way to get back on track and connect with a supportive group of other women.

What does it mean to adapt? For me, it has meant prioritizing. While I would like to be giving every aspect of the program 150%, I've had to look at the pieces that are attainable for me at this moment in time. To achieve the most success with BodyBack, it's helpful to see where we are getting stuck and find ways we can adapt.

Are you having trouble getting to class?

Without having any family in the area and needing to keep childcare costs down (that's an oxymoron, of course, considering the cost of preschool), it is no small feat for me to get to class. Often times my husband and I are like ships passing in the night-him running in the door in time for me to run out for class. If you're having trouble getting to class, take a look at what's getting in your way, and see if there are practical solutions. Sometimes it's a scheduling issue, sometimes it's more about not putting ourselves first. It's not uncommon for women to find themselves overcommitted in various areas of their lives. Is it possible to spread the wealth, ask for help, or just say no, in order to make your self a priority?

Are you having trouble sticking to the food plan?

The great thing about Body Back is we have awesome leaders who go beyond just teaching us nutrition for weight loss but even more importantly, about healthy, clean eating. I'm a firm NON-believer in diets. If it's not something you can do for the rest of your life, it's not worth doing. Most diets lead to yo-yo dieting and boomerang weight gain. While I haven't been a strict follower of the food plan, I follow the principles and know that the most important thing for me is to live in moderation-especially as it pertains to food. I think the key to adaption when struggling with the food plan is if you're not able to plan every single meal, or adopt every single guideline, find the ones that you can, incorporate them on a regular basis, and try to modify other parts-maybe one piece at a time. Good health is more than just weight loss and the nutrition we are learning from our instructors provides a wealth of information to ensure we are at our best inside and out.

Are you feeling like you're in it all alone?

The even better thing about Body Back is we are not in it alone. Even though each of our struggles are our own, Body Back provides an amazing community of other like-minded mamas. When you're feeling tapped out, tap in to this group as your resource. The private Facebook page is an incredible resource for smiles, encouragement, and meal ideas. Sometimes I get bogged down by all there is to do to keep this train running, but then I'll check in on our Facebook page and be reminded that I'm not in it alone. I may not have reached all of my goals for the day but at least I may walk away with a new recipe idea or a laugh!

what do ya think?