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Why I Want My Body Back?

Why, might someone ask when he or she find out that I’m embarking on an 8-week Body Back session? Well, I know it might seem strange to some considering that I am owner and instructor of Fit4Mom Marin, but trust me, I’m human too :)

There are many reasons why I’m doing the Body Back challenge, but I’ll stick to the most important one. I want to do this challenge for me. Somewhere between running a business, taking care of my toddler girl and a knee injury, I completely got side tracked and lost focus on me. I lost that feeling of inner peace.

The eating and the sudden inactivity were catching up to me and it was not a good feeling. I went from doing 6+ workouts a week in addition to teaching (which is not a workout in itself, but it still makes me move) to being terribly inactive. Oh man, did that scale tip quickly. Being used to freely eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I started realizing that it wasn’t muscle I was gaining anymore, it was fat.

Suddenly, I was inhaling my food and not chewing it. I forgot all about mindful eating. How could I have time to chew my food 30+ times anyway? Lunch and dinner had become a stressful activity trying to make sure that my daughter Liv ate enough nutritious food and that the food wasn’t tossed on the ground. On top of that I started eating my meals in front of my computer to be more “efficient” and get more work done.

Why is this challenge important to me?

I want to live by what I teach. I teach people about healthy living. In addition to being the owner and instructor of Fit4Mom Marin, I’m also a vegan raw food chef and nutritionist educator. I love helping others getting in shape, teaching them about exercise and nutrition. I want to get back on track to be strong and confident not only for myself but for my husband, daughter and Fit4Mommies.

What could get in my way?

The biggest obstacles would be if my knee injury flares up, if I get sick and miss class or if my daughter gets sick. The smaller day-to-day obstacles will be not practicing mindful eating such as not snacking ALL day long especially when I work by my computer or when I’m feeling stressed. Food has always been there as emotional support, even if it’s not actually there to lift me up when I’m sad.

How can I overcome those obstacles?

• Blogging – for an additional layer of accountability I will be blogging my Body Back journey. I will be sharing plant based recipes of what I eat, posting my successes and challenges and other events.

• Food journaling – If I bite it, I write it. Period. Include timing of meals as well as my emotions at time of eating.

• Find a backup babysitter in case Liv get’s sick.

• Get 8 hours of sleep in combination with no overeating so that I am in better shape to fend of any germs coming my way.

• Eat lunch alone, after my daughter is done eating.

• Prepare lots of fruit and veggie-flavored water to reach for when I get a craving.

• Find alternative training that I find challenging. I used to do Crossfit and long- distance running which is not working for my knees anymore.

• Write new goal settings for my business to stay more organized and to be more time efficient.

Most of all I look forward to the accountability and support I will get from my fellow Body Back sisters and our great instructor Tara Wise. I know that this will be an amazing journey and I’m very excited to share this experience with everyone.

Mama, do you want your body back? Click here for more information about Body Back.

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