Liz Dietrich

Liz Dietrich, Stroller Strides/Fit4Baby Instructor and Marketing Coordinator

Kiddo: Maggie (July 2013)

NOTHING can prepare you for parenthood! It’s so unbelievably challenging and exhausting!! By the time my daughter, Maggie, was 12 months I was completely overwhelmed! Parenthood truly seemed to be “all of the joy, none of the fun.” But then I took my first Stroller Strides class and I was running through a park with a stroller, singing silly songs and laughing with other mommies! It was SO MUCH FUN!! Eventually my daughter, Maggie, got use to our new class routine and she was having tons of fun! My husband joined us on family Sundays and he was having fun! Stroller Strides brought us “all of the joy, and tons of the fun!!”

1 year later I became an instructor and I’m still having fun. I am forever grateful to Karin and the FIT4MOM Village. The workout, itself is quite challenging and I’m lighter and more toned than I’ve ever been. The songs and activities during class provide a very entertaining hour for the kiddos and Maggie has made lots of friends. I have found wonderful friends myself who have provided such amazing support through the motherhood journey. It takes a village couldn’t be more true. Actually, it takes a FIT4MOM Village! And that is the true magic of this program….. Whether it's Body Back, Stroller Strides or FIT4BABY, you’ll find your village of mommy friends and their families which is crucial to surviving the journey of parenthood!

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