Karen L McMillin

Karen McMillin Owner, Fit4Mom Marin, Body Back and Stroller Strides Instructor

Kiddos: Liam (November 2011) and Molly (May 2013)

Hi Strong Mamas! I am the mom to 2 amazing kids and I love FIT4MOM and everything it has brought to my life!
I have participated in some type of physical fitness, my entire life. So when I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to have a healthy active pregnancy. I was able to run, hike and do daily power yoga classes throughout my pregnancy. Having a newborn provided some challenges, but with my first baby (Liam), I was still able to attend the classes I loved prior to becoming a mom. 18 months after having Liam, Molly was born and EVERYTHING changed!

Molly would not tolerate being with anyone but me! I tried several gyms with childcare, only to be called out 10 minutes into class. I knew I had to find something that worked for us all, and after a little research, I discovered FIT4MOM. I am so thankful everyday that I did!
Suddenly, I was able to work out with 2 small kids and no one judged me if they were yelling, crying, shrieking, etc! The workouts were amazing and best of all, I was setting a great example for my kids! They could see that exercise is important and Mommy's health is a priority! But Fit4Mom is so much more than the workout! It's a community of moms that "get it", and are there for one another through this crazy, amazing journey of motherhood!

I became a Stroller Strides instructor in January of 2014 and a Body Back instructor in March 2014. After teaching for almost 5 years, I became the owner of Fit4Mom Marin in May 2018! Being a part of Fit4Mom has been the most rewarding experience of my life! I love being able to welcome new moms into this fantastic tribe of strong women and let them know they aren't alone. And I LOVE helping moms gain the “strength for motherhood”!

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